Accountants develop and interpret financial data required for decision-making by managers, investors, regulators, and other stakeholders. To perform their functions, accountants must work with both numerical information and concepts, and they must be able to function effectively as individuals and in teams. Accountants work with people in their own specialized departments, and with users of financial information throughout their organization. Because of this close association with other parts of the organization, the accountant is in a unique position to develop a broad business perspective.

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Accounting Career Paths

Below are just a few of the many career paths you can take with an accounting degree. Check out these websites to learn more about careers in your major!

Featured Alumni

Michael DeCotiis

Smeal Alumni
  • New York, New York
  • JD - Juris Doctor New York University

Lori Rhoades

Smeal Alumni
  • Columbus, Ohio
  • National Audit Manager JPMorgan Chase

Joe Robinson

Smeal Alumni
  • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • President Beneficial Insurance Services

John Tierney

Smeal Alumni
  • Philadelphia, Pennsylvainia
  • Retired Partner EY
  • Morrisville, Pennsylvania
  • Owner Anne Vidunas-Gladwell, CPA

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