Organizations need leaders—people who can effectively manage organizations and the people in them, as well as develop and implement strategies that will lead to success. Gain the knowledge and skills managers need to deal with contemporary challenges including leading and motivating people, decision making, developing strategies for competing in the global economy, balancing the interests of multiple stakeholders in complex, legal, political, and ethical environments, and leading change.


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Management Career Paths

Below are just a few of the many career paths you can take with a management degree. Check out these websites to learn more about careers in your major!

Featured Alumni

Deac Allen

Penn State Alumni
  • Media, Pennsylvania
  • Supply Chain, Drop Ship, and Reverse Logistics Leader Creating Multimillion-Dollar Financial Savings by Optimizing Labor & Inventory & Transportation

Bradford Ament

Smeal Alumni
  • Wayne, New Jersey
  • Vice President of Sales Mane USA

Teresa Avery

Smeal Alumni
  • State College, Pennsylvania
  • Executive MBA Program Managing Director Smeal College of Business at Penn State

Brendan Bagley

Smeal Alumni
  • State College, Pennsylvania
  • IT Project Manager & Instructor Smeal College of Business at Penn State

Gay Catania

Smeal Alumni
  • Erie, Pennsylvania
  • Retired Human Resources Professional

Bill Cyrus

Smeal Alumni
  • Lititz, Pennsylvania
  • Assembly Tech/Intern Pelletron Corporation

Lorraine Finello

Smeal Alumni
  • New York, New York
  • National Director of Recruiting Risk Strategies Company

Victor Fioresi

Smeal Alumni
  • Atlanta, Georgia

Angela Jones

Smeal Alumni
  • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • Principal and Consultant Carpenter Lane Partners, LLC

Robert Jubin Jr

Smeal Alumni
  • Perryopolis, Pennsylvania
  • Insurance Agent Robert Jubin Jr Agency

Amy Kramer

Penn State Alumni
  • Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  • Team Lead, SOC 1 Report Distribution Team The Bank of New York Mellon
  • Norfolk, Virginia
  • Admissions Advisor ECPI University

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