Finance focuses on how individuals and business organizations raise money and capital, and how those resources are allocated among competing investment and consumption opportunities. The field focuses on domestic and international financial economies and the role of financial markets and institutions key in the movement of savings and investment capital from lenders to borrowers. It also deals with how individuals and corporate managers evaluate alternative investment and savings opportunities and how they choose among various financial instruments.


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Finance Career Paths

Below are just a few of the many career paths you can take with a finance degree. Check out these websites to learn more about careers in your major!

Featured Alumni

Bradford Ament

Smeal Alumni
  • Wayne, New Jersey
  • Vice President of Sales Mane USA
Meet Bradford >

Rachel Cinnamon

Smeal Alumni
  • Boston, Massachusetts
  • Finance Analyst General Motors
Meet Rachel >

Bill Cyrus

Smeal Alumni
  • Lititz, Pennsylvania
  • Assembly Tech/Intern Pelletron Corporation
Meet Bill >

Michael DeCotiis

Smeal Alumni
  • New York, New York
  • JD - Juris Doctor New York University
Meet Michael >

Victor Fioresi

Smeal Alumni
  • Atlanta, Georgia
Meet Victor >

Keith Lynn

Smeal Alumni
  • Arlington, Virginia
  • Federal Advisory Financial Manager Guidehouse LLP
Meet Keith >

Michael Mazzarese

Smeal Alumni
  • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • Director Of Operations (Special Projects) Ascensus
Meet Michael >
  • Denver, Colorado
  • Wealth Planner Aspen Wealth Strategies
Meet Stephanie >

Glenn Miller

Penn State Alumni
  • York, Pennsylvania
  • Prior VP Finance/CFO
Meet Glenn >

Krishna Nadella

Smeal Alumni
  • New York, New York
  • Americas Head - Fixed Income/OTC Derivatives Valuations (BVAL) & Regulatory Solutions (RAAP) Sales Bloomberg LP
Meet Krishna >

Lori Rhoades

Smeal Alumni
  • Columbus, Ohio
  • National Audit Manager JPMorgan Chase
Meet Lori >

Joe Robinson

Smeal Alumni
  • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • President Beneficial Insurance Services
Meet Joe >

Featured Articles

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