Management Information Systems

The Management Information Systems (MIS) major focuses on technology-supported techniques for exploring, analyzing, integrating, and reporting business data to facilitate fact-based decision-making and enterprise-wide management. You will develop proficiency in business analytics, competency in systems analysis and design, and mastery of core business processes.

MIS graduates are well prepared for careers in industry, consulting, and government sectors as business analytics specialists and systems analysis professionals. Companies recruiting MIS majors represent both the services sector (consulting, retailing, and health care industries) and the manufacturing sector (especially computer, aerospace, pharmaceutical, electronics, petrochemical, auto, food, and consumer products industries).  Entry-level MIS jobs have titles such as Management Consultant, Business Analyst, IT Consultant, Systems Analyst, Information Security Analyst, IT Security Manager, Business Process Analyst, etc.


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Management Information Systems Career Paths

Below are just a few of the many career paths you can take with a management and information systems degree. Check out these websites to learn more about careers in your major!


Featured Alumni

Brendan Bagley

Smeal Alumni
  • State College, Pennsylvania
  • IT Project Manager & Instructor Smeal College of Business at Penn State

Robert Bussey

Smeal Alumni
  • Boston, Massachusetts
  • Regional Cyber Security Analyst Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Akash Kapoor

Smeal Alumni
  • Houston, Texas
  • Salesforce Test Architect and Project Manager Magnet 360
  • Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  • Retired Information Systems Consultant / Former Adjunct Professor

Michelle Wright

Penn State Alumni
  • Dallas, Texas
  • Co-Program Manager DFW Career Search Networking Group

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