Virtual Career Fairs

Brazen is the virtual platform being utilized by the university for virtual career fairs this semester. Make sure you are ready for recruiting season!

Prepare for the Fair:

  • Create a Brazen account with your Penn State SSO
    • Having issues signing into Brazen with your PSU account? We understand, and the issue has been reported. You can sign up for the career fairs using a non-PSU email instead! Visit the career fair link and just complete the text boxes using a non-PSU email address, your first and last name, and a password, then click the orange ‘Sign Up’ button. You will receive an email from Brazen to verify your email address, then you are all set!
    • If you have any additional questions please reach out to the Business Career Center at
  • Upload your resume to your profile
  • Register for the Fairs – See links under the Events listing.
  • Review employers attending
    • Utilize Nittany Lion Careers to see all employers attending and search by companies
    • Use ‘job categories’ or ‘booth tags’ to search for employers within specific categories on Brazen
  • Test your webcam and background
    • Brazen Service Check– use this link to check if everything within your computer/browser is compatible with Brazen
    • Video Test: use this link to check video connectivity
  • Want to see a summary of all your Brazen events you registered for? Log in here:

Participating in the Fair:

  • Scan the event lobby for booths you want to chat with
  • Set your ‘chat’ status to ‘available’
    • When you enter an event your chat availability is automatically set to available. In order to accept chats, you must still get in line at a specific booth of your choice. You may toggle your status to ‘Away’ at any time during the event to stop receiving chats from any booths you may be in line for. *Note: if you are in line for chats and you set your status to ‘Away’, your place in line will still be held for you.
  • Enter booth
    • Students can view all the rep information, company information and open positions – remember to capture contact information to connect on LinkedIn
  • Click to chat
    • You can get in line to chat with multiple booths during the event. You will not miss an opportunity if you are in multiple lines while engaged in other chats. Your place in line will be saved – if an employer sees you are engaged in another conversation they will move to the next student in line until you are available.
    • Prioritize and don’t wait in more than 3 lines (more students in multiple lines will create very long wait times)
  • Start chatting
    • You will be notified when it is your turn to chat with a representative and will be automatically taken to the chat screen.
    • Conversations will all start as a chat and the employer can start a video chat. If the company is primarily using the chat, you can ask the employer if they would like to engage in a video chat (some employers may not realize it is an option)
      • Some employers cannot engage in the video chat due to company firewall security issues
      • Students have 60 seconds to answer the employer video chat before it auto cancels
  • Rate and take notes
    • You will be taken to a chat conclusion page when the conversation has ended. This page allows you to rate your chat and take notes. When you are done click ‘continue to the event’ to return to the Event Lobby.

If you have issues logging into the Brazen fair during the event, please go to: for help.

How To’s:

  • Attending an event: Link
  • Joining Video/Audio Chat: Link
  • How do I upload/change my resume? Link
  • How do I change/add my resume after I register? Link
  • Sending and Receiving “Final Thoughts”: Link
  • How can I select the correct time zone for display on my profile? Link
  • How to Change My Password: Link
  • Brazen Service Check– use this link to check if everything within your computer/browser is compatible with Brazen


View the Student Guide to Brazen for more detailed information and to learn more about how to use the platform during your career search!


Check out the recorded student tutorial hosted by Penn State Career Services!


Penn State encourages persons with disabilities to participate in its programs and activities.  If you anticipate needing any type of accommodation or have questions about the access provided, please contact the Smeal Business Career Center at or call 814-863-6161 to leave a message with one of the Directors. Students or Professionals using a screen reader such as JAWS should contact the Smeal Business Career Center at or call 814-863-6161 at least two business days prior to the start of this Brazen event for assistance in connecting with prospective employers (or vice versa).