Internships and Jobs


The Internship & Job Search Process

There are many ways to land a job or internship that fit with your overall career goals.
Understand how to …

Working Virtually

Virtual Internship Opportunities

Interested in a virtual internship or externship and gaining the skills necessary to thrive in today’s economy?

Career Exploration – Picture Your Career

Visualize and Plan Your Career Path


“Are you ready to make some big career moves? Using visual thinking …

Major Sustainability

Explore the website created by Smeal students, for students, to learn about how each business major has a role to …

Skills Employers Are Looking For (NACE Career Competencies)

For new college graduates, career readiness is key to ensuring successful entrance into the workforce. Career readiness is the foundation …

Check out the following list of internship and job board resources to find an opportunity that fits your interests. Some …

Career Related Podcasts

Check out these podcasts focused on career-related topics!

Smeal Lifelong Learning Podcast

Smeal Alumni Career Services’ lifelong learning webinars and …

After You Secure Your Internship

Report your internship! This helps the BCC share where all of our great students go for internships and helps future …

Internship Evaluation Database

Search what previous Smeal students have to say about their internships at various companies.