International Students

It is important for international students to be aware of rules and restrictions as they begin to search for a job or internship. There are several offices across campus that can help equip international students with the tools they need to be successful in the job search.

International Student Internship Eligibility

  • International students are REQUIRED to meet with the Directorate of International Student & Scholar Advising (DISSA) before applying to an internship and also after accepting the internship. DISSA offers advising, immigration services, and training to support our international students, scholars, and faculty. This is to ensure that all visa requirements are properly met.
  • Students MUST enroll in BA395A to earn one credit for a summer internship because CPT, which is not a required part of a degree program, must be credit bearing. Be sure to review the CPT eligibility requirements and steps to authorization.
  • Students are REQUIRED to have all necessary paperwork completed by the staff in the Directorate of International Student & Scholar Advising (DISSA).
  • Failure to get the appropriate authorizations from DISSA can result in legal issues for the student that could result in deportation in certain cases.
  • An internship is NOT a requirement for the curriculum of a Smeal College of Business undergraduate degree program. International students with F-1 or J-1 visas are required to be enrolled in the University with full time status (minimum of 12 credits) in the fall and spring semesters. Because the internship is not a requirement for Smeal students, there is no exception to the visa requirements. This means that a Smeal international student CANNOT accept the following positions:
    Fall semester internship
    Spring semester internship
    Spring/Summer co-op
    Summer/Fall co-op
  • International students are eligible to participate in SUMMER INTERNSHIPS ONLY.

It is your responsibility to speak with the Directorate of International Student & Scholar Advising (DISSA) if you have any questions regarding these expectations, consequences, or surrounding circumstances. We are committed to assisting all students in the pursuit of their career goals.

For more information on searching for a job or internship as an international student, see our Hiring Resources for Smeal International Student packet.

International Student Resources