The Mechanics of a Handshake, and Why It Matters

Greetings and even handshakes may vary across cultures and contexts. The goal of any professional interaction should be to make a connection with the other person and demonstrate courtesy and respect.

How you greet someone with a handshake is one …

By Brenda Fabian
Brenda Fabian Senior Director of Professional Graduate Career Services
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Bridging The Gap

Have you ever been pushed aside, doubted, underestimated, or faced prejudice in your career? Hear from Jalon Hall on how she’s overcome adversity, including her top takeaways for fostering inclusion.

Jalon Hall’s story is one of fierce resilience. Born a …

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Networking 101: Simple Steps to Networking With Alumni

Are you seeking an opportunity to expand your professional network and build a meaningful relationship with Alumni? As we all know, Penn State has the best alumni network in the country.  In this article, we’ll explore some simple steps to …

By Yi-Kai Peng
Yi-Kai Peng Career Service Intern
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Celebrate Pride All Year Long

As a proud member of the LGBTQIA+ community and an employee at Freddie Mac, Colleen Stanton’s creativity and ability to bring her unique self to work every day have helped propel her career. Colleen serves as the operational risk senior …

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Being Black in the Workplace

Join Dr. Des on the Young Black and Professional podcast as she takes a dive into some of her past experiences of microagressions and racism in the workplace. She’ll discuss how she navigated situations and give advice that she heard …

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The Power of Pride at Morgan Stanley

Below is an article by Morgan Stanley . Go to Morgan Stanley’s company page on PowerToFly to see their open positions and learn more.

Like the community it supports, our networking group for LGBT+ employees and their supporters has come a long …

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Unveiling the Impact: Showcasing THON on Your Resume

Recently, the Penn State Dance Marathon (THON) broke its fundraising record and raised an incredible $16,955,683.63 to support children and families affected by childhood cancer. If you participated in this inspirational event, you may be wondering how to highlight on …

By Madison Tuskes
Madison Tuskes
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What To Do When You Don’t Feel Qualified?

In this empowering episode of the Young Black and Professional podcast, our guest, Breanna Foreman, shares her career journey, offering invaluable advice on navigating the professional landscape, especially when faced with self-doubt.

Here’s a sneak peek into what you can …

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How to Impress Recruiters

With the Smeal Career Fair coming up in a week, you will want to start preparing to talk to companies and impress the recruiters.

First, you should figure out which companies are coming by visiting the Business Career Center website

By Gabrielle Sabatini
Gabrielle Sabatini
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Bring Your Whole Self To Work

Logicworks is now part of the RapidScale portfolio, enhancing our range of services and delivering cutting edge cloud solutions to our customers. Together, Logicworks with RapidScale, a Cox Business company, will serve our customers’ connectivity, telecom and IT needs to …

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