Resume Resources

Tips to get you started on creating a resume, detailed information regarding experience and major, and sample resumes to model yours after!

Check out the General Resume Tips for more detailed information & samples. For a Microsoft Word document version click here.

  • Include your GPA
  • List your experiences in terms of “power”
  • Communicate key skills in every bullet point
  • Start every bullet point with a strong action word (supervised, trained, organized, etc.)
  • List skills, such as computer software, that are relevant to the position you are applying to.
  • Keep your formatting consistent
  • Use the same size font [10-12″] for everything but your name
  • Do NOT use a Microsoft or web-based resume template as they are challenging to edit. Click here to view the downloadable Smeal resume format.
  • Check & Recheck spelling and grammar

Additional resume resources: