Case Interviewing Tips

During a case interview, individuals are presented with information (a case) and asked to analyze, synthesize and articulate a solution. The purpose of performing case interviews is for interviews to see how you demonstrate a logical thought process and present a relevant recommendation for the client, it is not to determine the “right answer.”   For more quick tips, check out our guide to interviewing, also available as a Microsoft Word document.  Also, the Schreyer Consulting Group created a comprehensive handbook for students interested in learning how best to interview with consulting firms, including tips on case interviews. Check it out!

12 Steps to Ace the Case:

  1. Listen to the question and take notes
  2. Summarize the question
  3. Verify the objective(s) and ask clarifying questions
  4. Organize your answer by utilizing a framework
  5. Present your analysis verbally to demonstrate logical thought process
  6. Present logical conclusions that flow from your analysis and make a recommendation
  7. Manage your time
  8. Utilize numbers and demonstrate you are comfortable with numbers
  9. Be coachable
  10. Be creative and brainstorm
  11. Exude enthusiasm and a positive attitude
  12. Bring closure and summarize