Case Interviewing Tips

During a case interview, individuals are presented with information (a case) and asked to analyze, synthesize and articulate a solution. The purpose of performing case interviews is for interviews to see how you demonstrate a logical thought process and present a relevant recommendation for the client, it is not to determine the “right answer.”   For more quick tips, check out our guide to interviewing. Also, the Schreyer Consulting Group created a comprehensive handbook for students interested in learning how best to interview with consulting firms, including tips on case interviews. Check it out!

12 Steps to Ace the Case:

  1. Listen to the question and take notes
  2. Summarize the question
  3. Verify the objective(s) and ask clarifying questions
  4. Organize your answer by utilizing a framework
  5. Present your analysis verbally to demonstrate logical thought process
  6. Present logical conclusions that flow from your analysis and make recommendation
  7. Manage your time
  8. Utilize numbers and demonstrate you are comfortable with numbers
  9. Be coachable
  10. Be creative and brainstorm
  11. Exude enthusiasm and a positive attitude
  12. Bring closure and summarize

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