The Smeal College of Business has over 40 student organizations that aim to enhance the educational environment for our undergraduate population. Collaborating with these organizations can be a great way to further your recruiting reach and targeting specific populations of students. Historically, collaborations have consisted of information sessions at closed meetings, hosting a professional development workshop for organization members, or participation and/or sponsorship of larger events such as conferences and networking receptions.


A full list of Smeal Student Organizations with Descriptions (PDF) or (Microsoft Word Document).

You also have access to over 1,000 clubs and organizations offered at the University Park campus.

Contacting a Smeal Student Organization

Many organizations publish appropriate contact information on their individual websites.  If you encounter a broken link or an out of date contact during your search, please follow these steps to contact your student organization of interest.

  • Access the OrgCentral Student Organization Directory.
  • Type in the appropriate criteria to initiate your search. You can also search for an organization by category and branch.

For more information, contact!

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