Unveiling the Impact: Showcasing THON on Your Resume

Recently, the Penn State Dance Marathon (THON) broke its fundraising record and raised an incredible $16,955,683.63 to support children and families affected by childhood cancer. If you participated in this inspirational event, you may be wondering how to highlight on your resume the valuable skills and experiences gained during THON on your resume.

1. Highlight the Basics

Begin by creating a dedicated section on your resume that showcases your involvement in THON. This could be under a “Volunteer Experience,” “Campus Involvement,” or a specialized section for fundraising and philanthropy.

2. Emphasize Transferable Skills

Make use of your THON experience to emphasize work-related abilities. Teamwork, leadership, communication, and organization skills are all highly valued by employers and are essential for a successful THON experience.

3. Quantify Your Impact

Quantify your accomplishments during THON wherever you can. Numerical data gives your resume a greater credibility and offers an accurate illustration of your accomplishments.

4. Craft a Compelling Story

Your resume tells the story of your experiences rather than merely listing what you did. Write an engaging description of your participation in THON that highlights your personal development and the positive influence you made.

When you thoughtfully include your THON experience on your resume, you present yourself as a well-rounded applicant with beneficial skills that go beyond the job, in addition to demonstrating your commitment to a great cause. Participating in THON is more than simply something to write on your resume; it’s evidence of your dedication to making a difference.

By Madison Tuskes
Madison Tuskes