How to Impress Recruiters

With the Smeal Career Fair coming up in a week, you will want to start preparing to talk to companies and impress the recruiters.

First, you should figure out which companies are coming by visiting the Business Career Center website here. From there, you can narrow down which companies you are interested in. You should heavily research those companies to prepare insightful questions.

When researching companies, you want to go beyond looking at their homepage. To really impress the recruiters, you want to look at their mission statement, values, what products they offer, whether they do business overseas, financial statements, and any recent and relevant news. This will help you form questions to ask them and showcase how your values and ambitions match with the companies.

You will also want to practice your elevator pitch and make sure you have copies of your resume printed to hand out to the companies. Lastly, make sure you are dressed in business professional and you are not overdoing it with perfume/cologne, makeup, jewelry, and if you are male, you are clean shaven. Best of luck and have fun!

By Gabrielle Sabatini
Gabrielle Sabatini