How To Start A Semester Off Strong

After a long break, it is easy to “blow off” the first week of classes. Sylly week is associated with not caring about classes and the cold weather can persuade students to sleep in instead of going to class. However, starting a semester strong is a great way to build smart habits and allows for more flexibility down the line. Additionally, first impressions matter! Professors are more likely to be lenient at the end of a semester if they see that you put in work beforehand rather than help you catch up due to slacking off. Here are a few ways to help you start your semester off strong!

Find Your Study Zone

Even though you may not have too much work, try to find a space where you can dedicate yourself to work. This will help you create a good routine and have an established space to do your work. Use this week to understand the environment that you work best in, such as loud, quiet, or silent spaces. 

Organize The Semester

Use the free time you may have as an opportunity to update your planners and online calendars. Most syllabuses should have a schedule filled with exam, project, and assignment dates. Make sure you have a general idea of what is due when and note it down for the future. 

Get Ahead

Remember how you were struggling to write your semester-long paper and study for your exam last semester? Try to help your future self out by getting ahead of class work. If your professor posted lectures or readings to complete later on, get a head start on them. Mitigate future work by taking the time now to complete assignments. 

Plan Out The Rest Of Your Life

A successful semester does not just include academics and clubs. Take this time to create meal prep plans or a realistic workout plan that you can follow. Taking the time now to create healthy habits can allow you to keep a healthy lifestyle when you may not have the time later on in the semester. 

Overall, it may be daunting to begin a new semester, but having these few tips can help you increase your productivity and establish healthy habits as the semester goes on. By doing these tips, you are also able to enjoy your full semester without worrying about falling behind in classes. A strong semester starts with what you chose to do during the first few weeks, so make sure to set yourself up for success!

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By Sanjana Devarakonda
Sanjana Devarakonda