Four Ways to Stand Out in Your Internship

Congrats on landing your internship! A summer internship is a great experience for you to boost your resume, hone your professional skills, and learn what you like (or don’t like) about a job or industry. However, it is very important to shine in an internship, especially since only half of internships convert to full-time offers. Here are four ways to stand out in your summer internship.

1- Take initiative

It is very important that you showcase your effort and enthusiasm for the job. Try to always ask for work when you can, and make sure that you are producing high-quality work. If your assigned projects are over or slow, ask other employees if you can shadow them or sit in a meeting. This showcases your initiative to learn and grow as an intern. Additionally, if you are assigned work but believe that adding something adjacent to the task would help your boss, do it! This is a great way to stand out because now, your bosses know that you are not just blindly doing tasks, but thinking about the “why” of the assignment.

2 – Ask for feedback

You can never grow in any job unless you get feedback and act on it. When you ask for feedback during an internship, it shows that you not only care about your work and performance but also what to get better. While you may not get formal review sessions every week, you could ask your boss to give you feedback on any work you submit or overall performance once every few weeks. It is important that you not only ask for feedback but take the time to better yourself from it. Remember: it is okay to make mistakes, but try not to make the same mistake twice!

3 – Network, network, network!

The whole point of an internship is to see if you like the job, company, and industry you are working at. There is no better way to understand the culture of a place than to talk with employees! Try to schedule coffee chats for half an hour with an employee to learn more about their career progression, why they like their job, and what advice they have for you. Speak with junior-level and senior-level employees and feel free to ask any “taboo” questions you may have – everyone wants to help you! Additionally, become friends with your intern class. Either you will work with them if you return, or you can use them as a connection to another firm or industry if you ever think of moving jobs or re-recruiting. Networking is extremely important during your internship!

4 – Be kind

Lastly, be kind! This is the most important way to stand out in an internship. Being kind to other interns, employees, and customers showcases to your bosses that you are someone to include in their company’s culture. A company is more interested in you as a person than your skillsets, so it is important to showcase that you are personable and someone they want to work with. Being kind goes a long way in the corporate world, and gossip travels fast, so make sure to stay pleasant and be kind to everyone around you.

Getting an internship already proves that you are able to do your job well, and these four tips will help you positively stand out in your internships!

By Sanjana Devarakonda
Sanjana Devarakonda