Networking For Beginners

Whether you are an incoming freshman, or a graduating senior, it is never to early or late to start networking. If you are looking for something to set you apart from other candidates applying for the same internship or job, networking is a great way.

Someone once told me it is “network or not work” in some jobs, and ever since then, networking within companies has been at the top of my priority list. Some things to remember when you start networking is:

  1. Don’t be shy. Have the faith in yourself to hand the recruiter your resume and promote yourself with your elevator pitch.
  2. Be persistent, not annoying. You should be reaching out to people every few weeks to keep that connection, if they do not answer, you should not spam them with emails. This also means to know when the conversation is coming to a close and to respect their time on calls.
  3. Lastly, research their position and the company before talking to them. This will help you prepare thoughtful questions and build a genuine connection with the professional. You should also respectfully ask for advice/more people to speak to within the company to expand your network.

Networking can be scary at first, especially if you are shy. However, becoming an expert at networking takes time and practice. Anyone can network if they are really passionate about what they want. You got this!

By Gabrielle Sabatini
Gabrielle Sabatini