What to do if you receive an offer to return full-time to your internship employer

So you’re entering senior year with a job offer as a result of a successful internship—CONGRATS! This is a time to celebrate. At the same time, we understand the anxiety that can come with making a decision. Book an appointment in Nittany Lion Careers to discuss your options and steps, including:

-Asking for an extension: note that Penn State, in accordance with the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE), recommends that companies give you two weeks to decide on an offer
-Asking other companies for accelerated interview processes
-Evaluating and potentially negotiating your offer
-Comparing multiple offers
-Navigating career fairs while also weighing a current offer
-Learning why it is damaging to accept an offer and then turn it down later (don’t do it!)

We’re happy to help you talk through your options during this exciting and confusing time!

By Ashley Rippey
Ashley Rippey Executive Director