Making the Most of Your Thanksgiving Break

As the Thanksgiving Break approaches, many of you will be wondering what to do during this one free week from school. To help some of you out, I have thought of some things that might be good to do during the break!

  • Like many students across the world, we have started to do online learning which results in zoom fatigue and additional stress. If the stress has been too much, take a break! Make sure to relax, spend time with family this week, and if you can, go into a food coma on Thanksgiving.
  • Since the end of the semester is 3 weeks away, take the time next week to get ahead in your classes by getting final projects and essays done so that you have plenty of time to study for finals when finals week comes around.
  • You could also volunteer if possible and safe for you to do so. Google things like “Where to Volunteer Near Me” and see what opportunities you could find near you in your hometown or State College if you are staying in town. Not only will you be giving back to your community during a time when many are struggling, but it will also be something to add onto your resume or to talk about during an interview.
  • If you want to boost your resume or LinkedIn profile during the break, check out Linkedin Learning! Used to be called, Linkedin Learning has video courses taught by industry experts in software, creative, and business skills. You could watch videos to learn more about key industry skills like learning how to use Excel macros. LinkedIn Learning is free for Penn State students so if you have the time, take advantage of these resources.
  • If you are looking for an internship or a job, Thanksgiving break is the perfect time to do some extra research. Once we come back in the spring semester, Spring recruiting will start right away. Doing research on companies during this week will only better prepare you for the Spring recruitment season.
  • Edit your resume. As the semester comes to a close end, you could take this time to edit your resume to include all the clubs you were involved in or achievements that happened this semester.
By Lydia Lee
Lydia Lee