Navigating Phone Interviews and Virtual Interviews

In my opinion, the best way to navigate a phone interview would be to treat it as if it were face to face. Many companies conduct their final round of interviews through the phone which means those companies take it seriously. Before the interview, I would find a quiet and comfortable place to avoid noise and distraction. Prepare by doing research on the company and showing them that you understand the position you are interviewing for. I would have some questions ready for the interviewer about the company and anything you are curious about regarding the position. During the phone call, it is necessary to stay attentive and keep a strong tone of voice, try not to be monotone. For a phone interview it is also not necessary to dress up, although that can help and build confidence. As for a virtual interview that may be conducted on a platform like HireVue, I would take the same steps as a phone interview. Find a quiet and comfortable place and do your research prior to the interview. However, the only difference is that for a virtual interview, you are expected to dress business professional or indicated otherwise. Overall, these types of interviews should be treated the same as a real interview because it can make or break your chances with the company or organization you are applying for.

By Mohammad Hussain
Mohammad Hussain Career Service Intern