1 credit Career Planning & Strategies course (BA 297)


If you’re a campus student pursuing the Smeal College of Business, you are invited to take advantage of the optional 1 credit Career Planning & Strategies course (BA 297) taught by Smeal’s undergraduate Business Career Center BEFORE your enrollment at University Park.

Registration for BA 297 for Fall 2019 is open!  Once your scheduling date has arrived, email Lauren Watson at lmw268@psu.edu via your PENN STATE EMAIL and please provide your Commonwealth campus and class year.

  • ONLINE section exclusively for Smeal-tracking freshmen & sophomores enrolled at a Commonwealth campus during the semester the BA 297 course is taken
  • Offered every Fall and Spring
  • Asynchronous – no live class meetings
  • Instructed by Business Career Center staff member
  • Several topics taught by employers from Smeal’s Corporate Partner Program
  • Can front-load your completion of lectures and assignments
  • Note: not a graduation requirement for the Smeal program

Anticipated weekly topics:

  1. Course Introduction/Values and Employability in your search
  2. Career Fair Prep and Researching Companies
  3. Resumes
  4. Communicating with Employers
  5. Attend a career fair
  6. Personal Branding
  7. Behavioral-Based Interviewing
  8. Interviewing Overview
  9. Case Interviewing
  10. Cover Letters
  11. Evaluating Offers
  12. Ethics
  13. Technology in the Search Process
  14. LinkedIn/Online Networking
  15. Transition to the Workplace

Estimated assignment and weekly lecture breakdown:

  • Weekly lectures
    • 25-50 minute lecture recordings
    • 5-10 minute weekly attendance quizzes
    • Attend a career fair
  • Assignments: 30 minutes or less to complete
    • Values paper (1 page)
    • Prepare and record elevator pitch
    • Practice virtual interviewing
    • Course evaluation survey
    • Final reflection paper (1-2 pages)
  • Assignments: 1 hour or more
    • Resume
    • Mock interview
    • Out of class professional development experiences

Questions?  Please don’t hesitate to contact the instructor, Lauren Watson, at lmw268@psu.edu


By Lauren Watson
Lauren Watson Change of Campus Program Coordinator/Career Coach