Take advantage of the Smeal Alumni Mentor Program!

Since 2009, the Smeal College of Business has provided current students with the opportunity to become a part of the Smeal College of Business Mentoring Program. This program offers students help with career planning and business advice through a relationship with an alumni mentor. As a current student benefiting from the mentor program, I have found that the program has provided me with an incredible experience.

I was lucky enough to be paired with Ron Schwartz, who is the Director of Staffing for Penske Trucking as well as an alumnus of the Penn State Smeal College of Business. Through our weekly phone conversations, Ron has been an instrumental part in both my job search and academic planning for the future. His knowledge and expertise has helped me to define my career path, enhance my networking skills, and better myself for a future in the business world. As a current senior in Smeal, my mentor has helped me to evaluate job offers and explore various opportunities. Ron has played an enormous part in helping me to finally secure my dream job.

Not only am I able to confide in Ron for help, I am also able to hear about the ins and outs of his position at Penske. Speaking with a business professional of Ron’s seniority has allowed me to build confidence and has allowed me to feel better prepared for post-graduation interactions. My mentor has been able to provide me with advice that has helped me to better my interviewing skills, my resume, and my business networking platforms. Whether you are looking for guidance academically, hoping to define your career path, or wanting to build a larger personal network, the Smeal Mentoring Program will allow you to do so.

If you are interested in applying for the program please visit: https://php.smeal.psu.edu/alumni/protege/

By Kelsey McMahon
Kelsey McMahon