Intern Spotlight: Emma Dillon

Emma Dillon

Company:  Honeywell Aerospace, Phoenix AZ

Position: Integrated Supply Chain Intern, SCAS Department

Major: Supply Chain

Year: Senior

What resource(s) helped you in securing your internship?  

As much Smeal involvement as possible! I am the President of Smeal Ambassadors, I have been Smeal Student Mentor for all 4 years, and I am a member of CSCMP! All of these organizations and their corresponding Smeal faculty have been a huge contribution to my professional growth. 

What have you learned?

I learned how to apply my Smeal education in a new, and extremely unfamiliar setting / industry. I now feel confident in my Supply Chain related technical skills, and am excited to utilize them in more new environments!

What did you like best?

The Honeywell Aerospace Global Headquarters are located in Phoenix, so I was able to see a new part of the country. Outside of the intense learning curve during the week, I loved all the outdoor related activities on the weekends!

Any tips/advice for students seeking internships?

Do not be afraid to apply for any position or in any industry!! All Smeal students are given every resource to succeed, and should feel confident in their ability to succeed anywhere. 

By Susan Mcgrory
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