Following Up After Recruiting Events

You just attended the Spring Career Days and other networking events, and you are now looking for the next steps to take. Read some tips below to see possible next steps you can take to land your dream internship/ job!

  1. Follow Up & Connect- Within a day or two, be sure to reach out to your desired company’s recruiter. This can be done via phone call, email, or a LinkedIn message. Remind the recruiter of your interaction and why you would be a fit for the company!
  2. Refine LinkedIn Profile- Make sure your LinkedIn profile is up to speed and an accurate representation of you!
  3. Practice Interview Skills- You may begin to receive interview requests. Be sure to research the company and prepare as much as possible! Hint: Career & Corporate Connections in 114 Business Building!! Schedule your mock interview online!
  4. Send a Thank You- This is an option to take post-networking, but it really helps you stand out. It allows you to personalize a message to a recruiter and shows him/ her that you appreciate their time.
  5. Stay in Touch- Once you have made those connections, be sure to reach out to them here and there with updates. This way, you can stay updated on potential opportunities within a company.

Don’t forget to stop in Career & Corporate Connections located in 114 Business Building for more advice, resume & interview guidance, etc.!

By Jordan Vesey
Jordan Vesey