Intern Spotlight: Smit Patel

Company : RevSpring, Inc.

Major: Accounting

Graduation Year:  2019

What resource(s) helped you in securing your internship?

Learning about the culture of my company and accepting the fact that I am also a part of this culture helped me secure my internship. Utilizing LinkedIn helped me build a strong network and got me closer to my colleagues who were my seniors like, Operations Manager, Supervisor, Accountant Specialists, etc.

What have you learned?

Prioritize your work; do all of your top priority work before 12 because that is when you’re most active and energized.

DO NOT FORGET to get your coffee in morning because believe or not, employees just do not drink coffee in morning without a reason. Coffee helps them stay energized and keeps them motivated to accomplish a task.

I have learned how to approach to clients. How the company prioritize clients more than its revenue. Why a client based service is the most effective way of improving shareholder’s distribution.


Clean your desk when you leave because it actually makes you feel happy. I mean who likes to see the messy desk every single day. It is just not a good work environment.

Go out with your colleagues to grab a lunch because this is a good way to build a network and improve your social skills.

By Susan Mcgrory
Susan Mcgrory