Spotlight Intern: Samantha Evans

Samantha Evans

Company: Comcast Spectacor in Philadelphia, the parent company for the Philadelphia Flyers, Wells Fargo Center and Spectra Entertainment.

Year: Senior (graduating May 2018)

Major: Marketing

What resource(s) helped you in securing your internship?: The Sports Networking Night in January and the Faceoff Networking event hosted by the Sports Business Club: These were two events I attended each year since freshman year. At these events, I met representatives from Comcast Spectacor who I stayed in contact over the years. My contacts advised me and guided me through the application and interview process. Without the connections I made at these events, I would not have received this incredible internship. In addition, my internship with Penn State Athletics and Penn State Hockey over the past few years gave me the upper hand when applying, because I had the skills and knowledge needed in order to succeed at a place like Comcast Spectacor.

What have you learned?: I learned the ins-and-outs of the sports and entertainment industry. Getting to work with various departments allowed me to really see and understand how the company as a whole works.

What did you like best?: My co-workers made this whole experience so special! Every day I am learning something new and my co-workers made me a part of their team by encouraging and challenging me with each project I worked on. They pushed me to do my best work during my internship.

Any tips/advice for students seeking internships?: Get involved! Go to networking events and send follow up “thank you” emails. The connections I made played a huge whole role in receiving this internship.

By Susan Mcgrory
Susan Mcgrory