Intern Spotlight: Alan McGlone

Intern Spotlight: Alan McGlone

Year: Senior

Internship: Financial Planning & Analysis Intern, Dick’s Sporting Goods

Resources: BA 297A class, Career and Corporate Connections Resume Reviews, attending networking events across campus

Internship highlights: Ability to build a reliable reporting tool from start to finish, networking opportunities with people across the entire company, hearing from Executives of the company on a weekly basis

What did I learn?: I learned the importance of data analytics in relation to business, as well as how fast retail is changing and the importance of communication in an office setting.

What did I like best?: I enjoyed working for a company that aligned with my values and allowed me to work on a project that provided a great value to the business.

Tips and advice: Always be willing to go out of your comfort zone and attend networking events on campus. It is never too early to start networking, and always look to develop your skill set to separate yourself from other applicants.

By Susan Mcgrory
Susan Mcgrory