Sample Interview Questions: Honor & Integrity

Companies and employers are putting greater emphasis on asking candidates questions that will help them identify candidates’ values in areas of honor, integrity, diversity, & sustainability. Warren Buffett advises leaders to weigh integrity above all traits when assessing job candidates during the interview process so below are some sample questions that may be asked during interviews.

  • Tell me about a specific time when you had to handle a tough problem that challenged fairness or ethical issues. What happened and how did you respond?
  • When was the last time you “broke the rules”? What was the situation and what did you do?
  • Describe a situation where you saw an employee or co-worker do something you thought was inappropriate. What did you do?
  • When working with people, how would you describe your preferred relationship with them?
  • What values do you appreciate the most in a team environment?
  • If you ever got into a bind with a client, would you be willing to tell a little lie to help your company out?
  • What would your current/past manager say makes you most valuable to them?