The Internship & Job Search Process

There are many ways to land a job or internship that fit with your overall career goals.

  • Understand how to articulate your skills, abilities, and experiences and how they relate to the positions you are seeking. Know what makes you a great candidate for the role and showcase how you will add value to the position and company
  • Research the companies you are interested in pursuing. You want to be able to speak about the companies specific goals, strategies, values, and accomplishments and why those matter to you.
  • Use your network. Building meaningful connections will help you stand out in the recruiting process and allow companies to get a holistic view of your goals, experiences, skills, and accomplishments.
  • Have a strong elevator pitch – showcase your personal brand. Need tips on how to create your elevator pitch? Check out this step-by-step handout on how to create a standout pitch. A Word Document version of the resource can be downloaded here.
  • Continually update and have your resume reviewed. You can make an appointment with the Business Career Center on Nittany Lion Careers
  • Create a strong LinkedIn profile and connect with peers, faculty, staff, recruiters, and alumni to engage in meaningful conversations. Need tips on creating a LinkedIn profile? Check out this video.
  • Apply for job and internship posting on Nittany Lion Careers, LinkedIn,
  • Develop strong interview skills.

Below are additional resources you can use in your search!

In addition to Nittany Lion Careers, these websites can be used to find job and internship opportunities that suit your qualifications and interests!

Interested in a micro-internship or want to learn more about how a micro-internship can advance your career? Check out this resource!


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