BA 395A (Internship Credit)

This is the optional one-credit course available to Smeal students to receive academic credit for an internship or co-op.  It counts as an elective and is not a support of major credit.  This course can be taken multiple times but will only count once toward graduation.

NOTE: you will receive a letter grade for this course.

If you are on a co-op or internship that takes you off campus, you can view the pros and cons of taking BA395A vs a Leave of Absence.

* Remember to drop your other courses for the semester you will be out – DO NOT drop BA 395A

To enroll in the credit you:

  • must be a Smeal student
  • must have your internship/co-op approved by the Business Career Center (114 Business Building) — to view our criteria for receiving credit, visit our internship best practices website for employers.
  • must complete the internship acceptance form, marking the “I Need Credit” option
  • must pay for the credit (rates vary based on semester standing and in-state vs out of state tuition – please check with the Bursar for exact cost)

BA 395A is subject to Drop/Add restrictions. Please be sure that you want to take this course before registering. If you decide you do not want this course after you are registered, it is your responsibility to drop it (following the deadlines specified on the University’s calendar)

Once enrolled:

BA 395A isn’t like a normal credit at Penn State – you only need to complete the internship and four online assignments.  You won’t need to attend classes to receive the credit.  All course materials can be found on Canvas and have flexible deadlines.

If your request to register for the course is after the drop/add period and you receive a late fee on your tuition bill, please email to inform the Business Career Center.  We will contact the Registrar’s Office to have the late fee waived.


Toward the end of your assignment, 2 evaluation forms will need to be completed; one that you will complete and one that you will give to your supervisor to complete.  You can find the links for the forms on canvas once enrolled in the course.

BOTH forms must be completed before your grade can be entered on eLion

The supervisor form is to be completed by your immediate supervisor – you will be graded based on your performance during your internship/co-op – this is the grade that will appear on your transcript

PLEASE NOTE: ALL correspondences from the Business Career Center will be sent to your PSU email address. Make sure to forward your PSU emails if you are planning to use an alternate address. Please remember to check your Junk Folder so that you do not miss any important information.