Assistance in Transition to University Park (AT UP)

Assistance in Transition to University Park provides a flawless transition that supports the academic, professional, and social development to Smeal students who are transitioning to University Park from a commonwealth campus through a mentorship program.

AT UP hosts the COBALT (Conference on Bringing Accelerated Leaders Together) forum, which brings leaders together from each of the campuses so that they have the opportunity to take their leadership capabilities from their Commonwealth Campus to University Park.

As a part of the Diversity Enhancement Program at Smeal, we strive to bring in leaders from every campus to better understand the struggles that students incur in the transition. These leaders are put through a 2-day COBALT Forum where they learn many skills that they can then pass on to the Junior students that they will be mentoring.

We invite all Juniors and Seniors in Smeal that transitioned from a commonwealth campus to join Assistance in Transition to University Park.

For more information or interest in AT UP, please contact Corey Steinruck at Be sure to also check out our Instagram page @atup_psu!