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Study Abroad

Seeking an Internship While Studying Abroad

Students who are studying abroad are often interested in applying for internships that begin when they return to the states. Since our on-line interview scheduling program is for “on-campus” interviews, it is not possible for students in a foreign country to participate in the on-line job search process. Study abroad students will have “read only” access during their foreign experience.

To apply for a position while studying abroad, students:

  • Must inform the Internship Program of their study abroad plans.
  • Will receive email instructions for participation.

Study Abroad students may also seek internships in the following ways:

  • Attend the Spring or Fall Career Fair and inform recruiters of their study abroad plans.
  • Seek an internship through any of the job search sites on the Job Search Web Sites page


Study abroad students will still be required to:

  • Notify the program of their internship
  • Complete an “Internship Acceptance Form”
  • Provide a job description on company letterhead for program approval