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Career Development and Professionalism Policies


Career Development opportunities include one on one career coaching appointments with Business Career Center staff, recruiters offering appointments on campus, networking/professional development events, or through classroom experiences.

  • Students will come prepared and on time to any scheduled appointment to include appointments through Nittany Lion Careers
  • An RSVP to an event confirms that a student will attend, and it should be honored.
  • The standard for canceling a career coaching appointment requires notice 24 hours in advance

Notice. Other events may feature alternate cancellation deadlines.

  • Students should maintain professional etiquette, both written and verbal in all correspondence with employers and Smeal staff.
  • Student professionalism should extend to the customary classroom experience in addition to career development outlets such as BA 297 and Wall St Boot Camp.


  • Failure to attend a scheduled career coaching appointment will result in loss of scheduling privileges.
  • Students that twice cancel or no show on the day of the meeting scheduled through the career coaching appointment system will be locked out of the system until further review.
  • Failure to attend appointments scheduled through Nittany Lion Careers will have their system privileges revoked until further review.
  • Students that fail to honor an RSVP commitment, such as an etiquette dinner, may be charged for event costs incurred as a result of their expected attendance.