Networking Advice/Opportunities

Here are a few steps to build your network

  • Know what you want!  Spend some time researching career paths and opportunities
  • Talk about your interests
  • Consider family, friends, acquaintances, club members, alumni, faculty/staff and co-workers as part of your potential network
  • 70% of all successful jobs begin with networking

Best Practices to successfully network at Smeal

  • Get involved with Smeal student organizations
  • Go to Career and Corporate Connections Events
  • Get to know the staff at Career and Corporate Connections and learn how to conduct informational interviews
  • Join the Alumni Society, Blue/White Society, and Lion Link
  • Utilize professional networking tools:  SmealConnect and LinkedIn
  • Utilize the Get/Give Advice feature in SmealConnect to connect with Smeal Alumni
  • Know your Professors
  • Keep in touch with friends that have graduated
  • Keep in touch with people you have connected with during your co-op or internship
  • Practice and perfect your 30 second commercial

Most Effective method to Recruit new College Graduate Hires

  • On-Campus Recruiting and Internship/Co-op Programs
  • Referrals from current employees
  • Career Fairs

(Source:  National Association of Colleges and Employers)