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Check the Office of International Programs for opportunities!

Smeal’s International Internship program is a partnership between the Career & Corporate Connections Office and Smeal’s International Programs Office and is designed to provide additional opportunities for students to build global awareness.  Students can take advantage of this program as well as Smeal’s International Program’s study abroad offerings to enhance their education through a valuable international experience.

The International Internship program consists of four areas of opportunities to fit student needs:

1. US based companies:

Companies hire students initially for US based internships, but have opportunities to apply within the organization for international opportunities.  You can search for opportunities in SmealConnect.

2. Third party providers:

Fee based services which place students with companies that fit the students interests and skills.  You can search for opportunities on Smeal’s International Programs Office website, as well as schedule an appointment to meet with an International Program’s adviser to discuss options with third party providers.

3. Non-Profit International Internships:

Non-Profit organizations seeking business students for efforts in developing countries

4. Non-Profit Internships in Washington DC:

Opportunities for students who may want to work for an international organization, but may not be quite ready to take the step to work in the developing world