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After You Secure the Internship

  1. International Students – MUST check with the Office of International Students PRIOR to going on the internship. The office is in 410 Boucke Building. If gone for the summer, you may have to take BA 395A for credit regardless of job type.
  2. Sophomore Students – if you are planning to take off a semester to do an internship or co-op, you MUST check with your academic advisor PRIOR to accepting the position.  You will need to verify that all Entrance to Major (ETM) requirements have been met.  If you have not met the ETMs, you are ineligible to take off a semester for an internship/co-op.  WARNING: Taking off a semester without meeting your ETMs may result in your inability to enter a Smeal major.
  3. ALL STUDENTS – fill out the internship acceptance form online PRIOR to starting the internship.
  4. BA 395A – an administrative credit that you can elect to take during your internship.
    1. To register – complete the online acceptance form referenced in item #2
    2. BA 395A is an elective and NOT a support of major credit
    3. The credit will count ONCE toward graduation, though it can be taken multiple times for other internships
    4. This credit may be required by your employer – usually the case for internships that are unpaid positions
    5. Learn more about the benefits of BA395A online
  5. Additional items regarding BA 395A, and other issues regarding your internship
    1. Enrolling in BA 395A during the spring or fall semester will prevent you from having to withdraw from the University and reapply when you are ready to return. This will also allow you to remain on your parent’s medical insurance as a student. Additional information is available on taking BA395A vs a Leave of Absence
    2. Check your schedule on LionPath to make sure BA 395A is scheduled before you drop all of your other classes. You WILL have to pay for the cost of the one credit.
    3. Any financial aid questions should be directed to Kris Burris. Include your name, student ID number, and the semester of your internship. In most cases, since you will only be taking one credit, you won’t be eligible for most forms of student aid.
    4. If you are contacted by your medical insurance company about your student status, complete the academic verification form and return it to them.
    5. If you were set to receive a Smeal scholarship during the semester of your internship away from campus, contact Janet Spearly to let her know what you are doing. She will instruct you how to re-apply for the scholarship when you return.
    6. Students living in University housing must speak with the housing office in 101 Shields Building to cancel your contract for the semester you will be away. Also in 101 Shields, you can fill out the request to get back into the dorms when you return. This MUST be done before you leave for the internship.
  6. Internship Evaluation Materials
    1. Towards the end of your internship, you will receive two evaluation forms sent to your Penn State email address.
    2. One of these forms is your evaluation of the internship experience. The other form is for your supervisor to evaluate your performance on the job. It is your responsibility to give the form to your supervisor.
    3. The forms can also be found here: Student Evaluation and Supervisor Evaluation. Please drop off any completed forms to 114 Business Building or email them to
    4. The supervisor will return their portion to Smeal. You will complete your evaluation online. These evaluations will help determine your grade for the credit if you are taking BA 395A. BOTH evaluations must be received before a grade can be entered.
    5. Your evaluations will be used as helpful research in the future for potential interns.
    6. Please pay close attention to the submission deadlines for the evaluations. They will be clearly defined on the form itself.
  7. Problems at Work?
    1. First and foremost, it is important to clearly discern between a problem and a part of the job that is not enjoyable.
    2. If there is a problem, discuss the situation with your supervisor.
    3. When possible, go to your supervisor with a solution to the problem and not just a complaint.
    4. Give the problem a reasonable amount of time to be resolved.
    5. If there is no resolution to the problem, contact Smeal with DETAILS AND FACTS about the situation. Contact Krista White.