Internships / Co-ops

An internship (semester experience) or a co-op (two semester experience) helps to give you the experience needed to obtain a full-time job. Start by researching the careers you are interested in, then use SmealConnect (online job posting system) to review and apply to internship/co-op postings. Use our internship evaluation database to hear current and previous students have to say about their experiences. NOTE that underclassmen cannot participate in co-ops unless they have already completed all of their ETM’s.

Employers consistently list internships and co-ops as the best source of new full-time employee and will look to hire from the intern pool before opening the position to outside candidates.

Towers Watson Career Information Website“Internship experience is the key to putting yourself ahead of the competition. To a prospective employer, prior employment experience illustrates initiative on the part of a student, a sense of career direction, and confirms that he or she has been exposed to work in an office environment.”
~ Gina Vaglia, Towers Watson

From the Career & Corporate Connections 2013-2014 Preliminary Recruiting Report*:

  • 84% of students were paid for their internship or co-op experience
  • 92% of students hired for full-time jobs had at least one internship or co-op experience during their college career (based on 2014 Senior Survey data). You can view the average salaries for full-time employment online.
  • Average weekly salary for an internship/co-op was $777
Average Weekly Salaries by Major
Major Salaries
Accounting $906
Finance $833
Management $616
MIS $740
Marketing $674
Risk Management $868
Supply Chain $737

This salary data is only calculated on base salary. Some companies also include housing
assistance and other benefits (e.g. Actuarial Science majors frequently receive housing
assistance along with base salary).

*This information is accurate as of May, 2015.