Internship Info

An internship (semester experience) or a co-op (two-semester experience) helps to give you the experience needed to obtain a full-time job. Start by researching the careers you are interested in, then use Nittany Lion Careers (online job posting system) to review and apply to internship/co-op postings. Use our internship evaluation database to hear current and previous students have to say about their experiences. NOTE that underclassmen cannot participate in co-ops unless they have already completed all of their ETM’s.

Employers consistently list internships and co-ops as the best source of new full-time employee and will look to hire from the intern pool before opening the position to outside candidates.

93% of students hired for full-time positions had at least one internship or co-op experience. For a complete view of Smeal’s hiring statistics, please review our annual Outcomes Report.

Internships and Co-Op Resources: