Get Into a Smeal Major

The Smeal College of Business is one of the top business schools in the country.  Due to the popularity of our majors, all have enrollment controls.  As a Smeal student, it is critical that you understand all the policies and entrance-to-major requirements for Smeal business majors.

In recent years, The Smeal College of Business has experienced enrollment demand that has exceeded the college’s physical capacity to serve all desired applicants without compromising the quality of a Smeal College education.  As a part of the plan to manage the high demand, it was determined that there would be no early entry into a Smeal major due to our administrative enrollment controls.  In addition, capacity for each course for all Smeal College academic majors has been calculated to ensure each student will have the opportunity to graduate on-time.  To honor the commitments made to our students, pre-major students may not enroll in upper division courses designated for Smeal College majors.  Exceptions will not be granted for pre-major students to be exempted from this policy.

Sophomore Students – if you are planning to take off a semester to do an internship or co-op, you MUST check with your academic advisor PRIOR to accepting the position.  You will need to verify that all Entrance to Major (ETM) requirements have been met.  If you have not met the ETMs, you are ineligible to take off a semester for an internship/co-op.  WARNING: Taking off a semester without meeting your ETMs may result in your inability to enter a Smeal major.