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Employers have the opportunity to share positions and receive applications via our web-based recruiting systems.

SmealConnect: Opportunities posted electronically by employers on SmealConnect are viewed by Smeal undergraduate students, MBA students and alumni, who then apply for the positions through the system. Please utilize SmealConnect for:

  • Internships or co-ops for undergraduate students*
  • Full-time or internships for MBA students
  • Full-time for recent grads to experienced hires (all alumni including MBA graduates)

Nittany Lion Career Network: Opportunities posted electronically by employers on the Nittany Lion Career Network are viewed by ALL Penn State undergraduate students and alumni, who then apply for the positions through the system. Please utilize the Nittany Lion Career Network for:

  • Full-time for graduating seniors
  • Internships or co-ops for undergraduate students – open to all majors
  • Part-time employment

Other Systems:  Looking for other majors outside of Smeal? We can connect you with other Penn State career contacts and the majors they serve.

Recruitment and Employment Guidelines

Please review our guidelines and best practices as a first step toward creating an effective recruiting partnership with the Smeal.


  • Resumes and other supporting documents can be sent to the employer via email as they are submitted, after the application deadline or can be used to redirect applicants to an employers website.  Employers can also export application into Excel by following this step action guide.
  • *The Smeal College of Business does not recognize internships or award this credit for work done outside the classroom if it does not meet academic standards. Smeal awards credit for intellectual exploration and learning associated with work experience. Students should be able, within the context of the internship, to relate their work experience in some way to their course of study and gain insight from it. In order for our program to award credit or formally recognize an internship, the duties of the intern must be directly related to their major and the work performed must enhance their education. The job should involve some managerial or decision-making activity and should not be clerical in nature. The intern’s job should be structured with specific and varied duties that are meaningful to the firm and to its success and performance. In evaluating the job description, ask the question, “Could this work be performed by a nonexempt level or clerical employee?” If the answer is “yes”, typically the internship will not be approved for recognition or credit. Internships should consist of assignments that are usually handled by exempt level, management, or professional staff. Students typically expect a high-level assignment that builds on skills learned in the classroom and offers the opportunity to learn new skills
  • As an organization you may require students to supply a means of verifying their education or credit enrollment. Per Penn State legal protocol we are unable to complete the forms provided by employers. To see what verification forms are available (Academic, Credit and Enrollment Verifications) and the steps required to receive them, please click here. Please note that requests must be made by the student.
  • In compliance with the provision of the Immigration Reform and Control Act (IRCA), interview appointments will be made available to interested students who are authorized to work full-time in the United States regardless of their citizenship status, unless U.S. citizenship is legally required. If citizenship is legally required for your company, please indicate this as such on your job posting. Through your SmealConnect account, you have the option to filter the students who have applied to your postings based on their visa sponsorship status. Instructions on how to do this are listed on each employer’s homepage.
  • If your company is posting positions for sophomore co-ops or internships for the spring semester that would take a student away from campus for the semester, please note that these students may not be eligible to accept the position due to Entrance To Major (ETM’s) requirements.
  • Note that it is best to post on SmealConnect  and Nittany Lion Career Network if you want to target seniors and recent graduates.
  • Please allow 1-2 business days for your Smeal Connect account to be approved.