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Product Management Insights

Looking to ramp up your skill set as a high-performing product manager? Get up and running today in this bootcamp-style course with LinkedIn product management experts Hari Srinivasan, Gyanda Sachdeva, and Damien Coullon. Join Hari, Gyanda, and Damien as they draw insights from their own experiences and give you a hands-on overview of some of the most crucial skills a PM needs to know to be successful at a large organization.

Learn how to perform at a high level—in any business context—and build products that resonate with your users and customers. Get tips for defining a problem statement, examining your audience and customer base, prioritizing problems in light of your customers’ and organization’s needs, driving feature growth, and dealing with conflict. Along the way, Hari, Gyanda, and Damien offer practical strategies for growth and success in a product ecosystem, attending to the unique considerations of both your enterprise and consumers, and communicating clearly and effectively with purpose.

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