Professional Communication

Having Casual Conversations with Recruiters


Hello. Talking to recruiters seems scary right?

I know. I have been there, and I’m still there sometimes. But it doesn’t have to be scary. Remember that recruiters are people too. I have been doing recruiting as a student ambassador …

By Emma Moul
Emma Moul Emma Moul
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#Adulting: Rocking a Virtual Career Fair


Upcoming Virtual Career Fair: Hire Big-10 Fair (Tues. April 14th from 11am-3pm)

Though we’re in uncharted territory looking at how the COVID-19 pandemic is affecting the job market, all hope is not lost for job & internship seekers. Similar to …

By Ali Chiavetta
Ali Chiavetta Graduate Intern Ali Chiavetta
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How to Virtually Stay Connected with the BCC


As we adjust to a new way of remote learning, here are all the ways you can stay connected with the Business Career Center resources and events!

Career Prep Resources

We have resources for all your career needs! Everything from …

By Emily Tressler
Emily Tressler Marketing Communications Specialist Emily Tressler
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#Adulting: How to nail an interview…even from home


As social distancing looks to be the “new normal” for the foreseeable future, job-seekers may be facing some anxiety when it comes to the next step of their employment process. In 2020, we’re no strangers to applying to jobs online, …

By Ali Chiavetta
Ali Chiavetta Graduate Intern Ali Chiavetta
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Navigating Skype, phone, and virtual interviews


As technology advances, more and more platforms are emerging to increase efficiency and save money for both the recruiters and the candidates. On top of that, there are also platforms that utilize Artificial Intelligence to detects a candidate’s strengths and …

By Helen Zheng
Helen Zheng Helen Zheng
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