How To Keep In Touch With Recruiters

How to Keep in Touch with Recruiters  

Many students don’t know how to stay in contact with recruiters. They don’t want to come off as a pest, but at the same time, they want to express their interest in the …

By Linda Huang
Linda Huang Student Intern
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How to Stand Out at the Career Fair

Going to a career fair is one of the most intimidating events of a college student’s experience. You dress in a full suit, stand in line to talk to one person, and see all the other students also trying to …

By Christine Kovell
Christine Kovell Christine Kovell
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#Adulting: Don’t Be a Taker 

Don’t Be a Taker 

By Lisa Milne 

Networking. If there’s one question I get most often it’s, “How do I network?”. As an early career professional, developing a personalized network can seem daunting and not genuine. “If the only reason …

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Effective communication with employers after recruiting events

It is extremely important to  follow up with recruiters and company representatives after an interaction with them in a recruiting event or interview.  Usually this means a thank you email, but depending on your interest in the company and how much …

By Brent Nachison
Brent Nachison Student Career Guide
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Be ready for the Career Fair!

Get ready for the Career Fair! Check out these tips and know what to expect at the fair!

By Abigail Falce
Abigail Falce Marketing Intern Abigail Falce
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