Job Search Tactics

#Adulting: Staying Relevant with Companies Hiring

We’ve all seen the news reports…the economy is majorly suffering right now, thousands of people are getting laid off, businesses are shutting their doors…With everything going on right now, it may be tough to stay positive and consistent in your …

By Ali Chiavetta
Ali Chiavetta Graduate Intern
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How to Virtually Stay Connected with the BCC

As we adjust to a new way of remote learning, here are all the ways you can stay connected with the Business Career Center resources and events!

Career Prep Resources

We have resources for all your career needs! Everything from …

By Emily Tressler
Emily Tressler Marketing Communications Specialist
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How to Stand Out at the Career Fair

Going to a career fair is one of the most intimidating events of a college student’s experience. You dress in a full suit, stand in line to talk to one person, and see all the other students also trying to …

By Christine Kovell
Christine Kovell
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How to Navigate the Internship Process

Internships are the foundation that build you as a professional. Not only are internships great resume builders, they help you realize what you might like to do in the future, or may not like to do in the future. Internships …

By Lauren Clements
Lauren Clements
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Be ready for the Career Fair!

Get ready for the Career Fair! Check out these tips and know what to expect at the fair!

By Abigail Falce
Abigail Falce Marketing Intern
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