The Email You Have to Send After Interviewing for an Internship


The hunt for a great internship has a lot of moving parts. You’ve got to write a resume, tailor it to each position, and potentially prep for multiple rounds of interviews.

But even if you aced that interview, you’re not …

By The Muse
The Muse
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Questions to Ask at the End of an Interview

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The act of interviewing shows a company that you are interested in their company. However, when it gets to that point where the interviewers ask you, “Do you have any questions for us?”, that is where you can differentiate yourself …

By Evan Finkelstein
Evan Finkelstein
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How to Answer the ‘Tell Me About Yourself’ Interview Question


One of the more common interview questions you will receive is: “Tell me about yourself.” It’s often the first question you receive in an interview, and while it might seem, on the surface, to be a lazy and simple one, …

By Emily Yanchuck
Emily Yanchuck Marketing Communications Specialist Emily Yanchuck
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When Is It Okay to Decline an Interview?


Interviewing is a necessary step in the job search process, and it is important to leave the best impression possible when interacting with an employer. One tricky situation students may face is the decision to decline an interview. There are certain …

By Emily Yanchuck
Emily Yanchuck Marketing Communications Specialist Emily Yanchuck
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What to Ask During an Interview?


Check out these helpful questions to ask during your interviews! Remember during an interview, you are also interviewing the company as much as they are interviewing you. Asking questions that provide relevant information to help you decide if the company …

By Abigail Falce
Abigail Falce Marketing Intern Abigail Falce
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