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Explore LinkedIn Learning Courses for Your Major

Understanding the Leadership Behaviors That Can Sabotage Your Success

Taught by Sara Canaday
If you’re a current leader in a career rut or someone who keeps getting passed over for leadership opportunities, this…

Increasing Learning Engagement: A Skills-First Approach

Taught by Karl Kapp
Today’s global workforce is changing, with personal and professional development now accounting for a big piece of the complete employee…

Coaching Yourself through the Ambiguity of Leading

Taught by Prakash Raman
Leading yourself and your team presents several challenges, and most of them do not have prescriptive answers. How do you…

Addressing Technical Skills Gaps

Taught by Rashim Mogha
According to the World Economic Forum, 50% of all employees will need reskilling by 2025 as the adoption of technology…

Identify and Unleash Potential in Your Employees

Taught by Madecraft
The battle for great talent is fiercer than ever before, and as a manager, you’re faced with what rightly feels…

Developing Leadership Presence

Taught by John Ullmen
Leadership presence isn’t about personality or genetics. You can learn to project strong self-confidence, clarity and credibility even under conditions…

The Future of Workplace Learning

Taught by Amanda Nolen
HR leaders know that workplace learning is the difference between people—and the companies that employ them—staying relevant or becoming redundant.…

Leadership Presence in Action

Taught by John Ullmen
When you see someone with great leadership presence in action, it can seem like magic. You’re not quite sure how…

The Future of Work: The Necessary Skills of Your Future Workforce

Taught by Sophie Wade
As the digitization of business continues to accelerate, increased adaptability and responsiveness are essential. In this course, workforce innovation specialist…

Building a New Leadership Ladder: Support Women on the Rise (Book Bite)

Taught by Next Big Idea Club
Is the glass ceiling breaking—or is it just getting higher? Even as more women break through the glass ceiling, reaching…

Creating Inclusive Learning Experiences

Taught by Naphtali Bryant
What could your business achieve if your training ignited the potential of every member of your organization, sparking curiosity, learning,…

Evaluating Your Growth as a Leader

Taught by Todd Dewett
Everyone knows that their progress will be reviewed with a regular performance evaluation. In addition, they might receive bits of…

Skills and the Internal Talent Marketplace

Taught by Erica Keswin
“Look inward” may sound like new-age advice for personal growth, but it’s also a great strategy for finding and hiring:…

Leadership Upskilling in a Zoom Economy

Taught by Bonnie Hagemann
The world of work has changed—most likely for good—and if you’re a leader, you have to change with it. This…

Skills for Your First 90 Days as a New Manager

Taught by Chelsea Jay
It’s normal for new managers to feel overwhelmed when starting a leadership role. This course with leadership development coach Chelsea…

Help Your Team Build the Skills that Matter Most

Taught by Erica Farmer
Managers play a critical role in creating opportunities for their teams to build the business-critical skills needed today. In this…

Strategies for Female Empowerment

Taught by Madecraft
Women and men alike now recognize how difficult it is to gain a leadership role at work compared to a…

Build Your Team’s Learning Agility

Taught by Erica Farmer
Traditional approaches to both leadership and learning have changed due to global developments in technology, workforce requirements, and customer demand.…

Motivating Your Team to Learn

Taught by Stefan Mumaw
Getting employees to engage with training is hard. Adult learners don’t have the same time and energy as full-time students.…

Leadership Principles for Emerging Leaders with Bill George

Taught by Bill George
In this course, renowned leadership expert Bill George teaches emerging leaders how to step up and lead authentically in our…