TED: Why We Have Too Few Women Leaders

Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg looks at why a smaller percentage of women than men reach the top of their professions — and offers 3 powerful pieces of advice to women aiming for the C-suite.

As the COO at the helm of …

By Paul Guzek
Paul Guzek
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Intern Spotlight: Keith Oliphant

Keith Oliphant is a self-driven undergraduate at Smeal working toward a degree in Finance and Accounting. With excellent communication skills, a strong work ethic, and an open professional demeanor, Keith worked as a Recruiting Operations Intern for Penn State Football, …

By Kelsey Cillo
Kelsey Cillo
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Entrepreneur: The 12 Most Important Things I’ve Learned About Leadership

In honor of our first Making the Leap Leadership Program beginning on Monday, January 25, here’s a great article from Entrepreneur:

“I am not afraid of an army of lions led by a sheep; I am afraid of an …

By Ashley Rippey
Ashley Rippey Executive Director
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5 Ways that I Landed My Ideal Job

My name is Corey Bobak and I am a Software Consultant for Manhattan Associates in Atlanta, GA. I received my degree in Management Information Systems degree a little early in December of 2015. I also interned at Erie Insurance in …

By Corey Bobak
Corey Bobak Software Consultant
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Vault: What Managers Can Learn From Coaches

From Vault Careers:

Watching a great sports team play together is something amazing. The perfectly coordinated teamwork. The impressive displays of athleticism. The obvious joy of the game that radiates from their success.

All of these qualities indicate a …

By Ashley Rippey
Ashley Rippey Executive Director
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