Is Graduate School in Your Future Plans? Utilize These Resources for Your Career Trajectory!

Considering graduate school is an important life decision. There are many options to consider when choosing your program based on your academic and professional goals. Setting your goals early, establishing a timeline, and staying on top of applications, are important …

By Jana Jaffa
Jana Jaffa Associate Director of International Employment and Specialty Graduate Programs Jana Jaffa
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How to Virtually Stay Connected with the BCC

As we adjust to a new way of remote learning, here are all the ways you can stay connected with the Business Career Center resources and events!

Career Prep Resources

We have resources for all your career needs! Everything from …

By Emily Tressler
Emily Tressler Marketing Communications Specialist Emily Tressler
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How to write a cover letter people will actually read!

You’re probably not the only one applying for that job.

That might seem obvious, but too many cover letters are written in a robotic style that leave little impression on hiring managers who are sifting through vast piles of applications, …

By Sherry Rice
Sherry Rice Director of Professional Development & Programming Sherry Rice
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