Career Planning Timelines

Get Involved!

Become involved with the Smeal Career & Corporate Connections Office early in the fall semester. That way, no matter when you plan to do your internship and/or co-op, you have the greatest number of opportunities to choose from. Use this guideline to help you make your decision.

First-Year Students

  • Get involved with a Smeal student organization
  • Build your resume
  • Attend / volunteer at a career fair
  • Meet with your adviser to plan for study abroad / internship or co-op opportunities – planning now means that you will be able to fit these into your schedule later
  • Introduce yourself to the Career & Corporate Connections staff
  • Start conducting research on industries and jobs you are interested in to effectively choose your major
  • Participate in Job Shadowing
  • Learn about the BA 297A – Career Planning and Strategies class and plan to take it during your Sophomore year

Sophomore Students

  • Sign up for SmealConnect – Career & Corporate Connection’s online recruiting system
  • Update your profile to reflect that you are a sophomore
  • Change your voicemail to ensure it is professional
  • Hold a leadership position within your Smeal student organization
  • Update resume (visit Career & Corporate Connections Office); sign up for Recruiter-in-Residence appointments through SmealConnect
  • Attend networking and career development events
  • Attend the Fall Career Days event and Spring Career Days event
  • Conduct company research to determine which companies you would enjoy working for on an internship or co-op
  • Procure an internship and complete the online acceptance form

Junior Students

  • Hold an even higher leadership position in your Smeal student organization
  • Network with Smeal Alumni through SmealConnect
  • Update your resume
  • Attend the Career Fairs
  • Prepare for and attend company info sessions
  • Procure a internship/co-op and complete the online acceptance form
  • If studying abroad, secure an internship before leaving

Senior Students