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Take advantage of the Smeal Alumni Mentor Program!

Since 2009, the Smeal College of Business has provided current students with the opportunity to become a part of the Smeal College of Business Mentoring Program. This program offers students help with career planning and business advice through a relationship …

By Kelsey McMahon
Kelsey McMahon
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Following Up After Recruiting Events

You just attended the Spring Career Days and other networking events, and you are now looking for the next steps to take. Read some tips below to see possible next steps you can take to land your dream internship/ job!

By Jordan Vesey
Jordan Vesey
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How staying current with company news can help in the internship process

How can you stand out when connecting with recruiters and companies at networking events, career fairs, interviews, etc.?

Stay up to date with current company news!

“Being in the know” is one of the most valuable ways to be successful …

By Sherry Rice
Sherry Rice Director of Professional Development & Programming Sherry Rice
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Influence Your Interviewer to Hire You After the Interview

Following Up: The Influencing Note

It is common practice to write a follow-up e-mail to an employer after an interview. These notes are often referred to as thank you e-mails. However, this practice is now so common that if you …

By Eli Bohemond
Eli Bohemond Certified Career Coach
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Asking Questions After an Interview

Do You Have Any Questions?

This is a common question that employers ask at the end of the interview. They want to see if you’ve been paying attention during the interview process, but more so, they are trying to help you understand …

By Eli Bohemond
Eli Bohemond Certified Career Coach
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Beware The Golden Handcuffs

When you were a child with your entire life in front of you, what did want to become? Did you spend your early years dreaming of working as a commercial lender or financial analyst? Probably not. Instead, you likely imagined you’d …

By Eli Bohemond
Eli Bohemond Certified Career Coach
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Navigating Skype, Phone, and Virtual Interviews

So, you’ve applied to a ton of companies to secure that internship or full-time job.  One day you open up your computer to finally see an email come through asking you for an interview.  Congrats!  However, you are being asked to …

By Hayley Connor
Hayley Connor
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3 Ways to Grow Your Career Skills Through Travel in College

If you’re planning a trip away, you might be surprised to know that a vacation away can actually help you improve your professional skills. Travel comes with unique situations and these new experiences will help you develop yourself.

You can …

By Amy Pritchett
Amy Pritchett
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Keeping in Touch with Recruiters After the Career Fair

Whether it is in the Business Building Atrium or in the Bryce Jordan Center, every business student ends up attending at least one career fair at Penn State. More likely than not, students will go to an employer’s table and …

By Brandon Brodsky
Brandon Brodsky Career Guide
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How to Navigate the Internship Search Process

For many, the Fall semester internship search is one of the most stressful times of the school year. But fear not, it’s not as hard as you’d think it is. Below are a few tips to get get the search …

By Amitty Tam
Amitty Tam Career Guide
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