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How to Get Involved and Why

Freshman year is an exciting time for everyone because it is the start of a new chapter in our lives filled with new opportunities, fresh faces, and lots of changes. In the beginning weeks of class, you will probably come …

By Sophia Nabie
Sophia Nabie Career Guide
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Tips for Success at the Career Fair

It’s that time of year again! Career and job fairs are upon us, and so is the chance to land an amazing job. Whether you are a first-timer or a seasoned professional, the following seven tips are sure to help …

By Kelsey McMahon
Kelsey McMahon Career Guide
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What qualities do you need to work in a startup?

With the number of new companies being founded growing daily all over the world, it’s no wonder that many business school graduates are thinking about joining a startup – a new business specifically designed for rapid growth and scaling. While …

By Antoni Swidlicki
Antoni Swidlicki
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Evaluating Offers

It’s winding down to the end of the semester and interviews are almost done… until the Spring semester. If you’ve had a good semester interviewing and landing a few different internships or jobs, then this week’s blog will come in …

By Priya Samuel
Priya Samuel
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Keeping it Professional: Social Media Platforms

How many of you would be comfortable giving your Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram account password to a potential employer? If your answer to this question was no, then you really need to start considering what “professionalism” looks like on social …

By Emilee Semple
Emilee Semple
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Questions To Ask At The End Of The Interview

So you’ve been preparing relentlessly for that interview. You finally get called in by the recruiter and soon you’re nearing the end of the interview. Your palms may be sweating or your stuttering may be showing, what can you do …

By Ting Ng
Ting Ng
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Networking for International Students

What is networking…. Is it connecting with people? Or interacting with set of companies? Or Exchanging information and developing contacts?

I believe the answer is all of the above.

As an international student from India, I really wanted to create …

By Devam Shah
Devam Shah Career Guide
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Beyond the 30 Second Pitch

Career fairs are just right around the corner. Soon enough, you’ll be going up to recruiters, shaking their hands, and giving them your 30 second pitch that took you forever to craft. That sounds great and all, but recruiters have …

By Ting Ng
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Career Fairs: Preparing for the Craziness

It’s that time of the year. The weather is still nice, classes are manageable, and Smeal is overrun by students wearing business formal and company stands taking over the ground floor sitting area. Welcome to recruiting season, everyone!

Now, if …

By Isadora Fraga
Isadora Fraga
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5 Ways that I Landed My Ideal Job

My name is Corey Bobak and I am a Software Consultant for Manhattan Associates in Atlanta, GA. I received my degree in Management Information Systems degree a little early in December of 2015. I also interned at Erie Insurance in …

By Corey Bobak
Corey Bobak Software Consultant
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